British Beauty Blogger Loves Our Tee!

A leading blogger in the beauty industry, we were thrilled that British Beauty Blogger loved her MUA APPAREL tee and posted us to her website! 

"I’ve a new respect for fashion photographers – it’s really not as easy as it looks which is very frustrating when you’re as pleased as I am with this new MUA Apparel ‘Coffee & Lashes’ t-shirt. I’m particular about T Shirts – I cannot bear a clinger and like to wear them loose and sloppy, preferably in a very lightweight cotton. Tick, tick and tick.

I’ve been backstage many times so I know that standard make up artist wear is a loose t-shirt: it gets very hot back there thanks to a myriad of burning lights. So, it’s not really a surprise that these are made by a make up artist!

Mine has a scoopy neck and I opted for a large because I specifically wanted it for loose over jeans but a medium would fit a standard 12 I think. Large is easily 14+. I love it for the fun of it and if you’re beauty fan you’ll probably love it too – beauty and coffee are my daily staples!" - British Beauty Blogger.


Thank you British Beauty Blogger!